The premium appearance and user-convenience of the Berry Twist-Up airless dispenser have proved the ideal qualities for a new anti-ageing serum from leading skin and hair care specialist Dr Kurt Wolff.

The 30ml Twist-Up for the company’s It’s Never Too Late serum uses advanced hot foil stamping and silk screen printing to create a high-quality and expensive look that enhances brand image and delivers maximum on-shelf appeal. The rose gold brushed metal effect of the headpiece provides an effective contrast to the black container with complementary high-impact lettering to establish an individual look that emphasises the premium nature of the product.

In addition, Berry’s advanced Twist-Up dispensing system ensures consistent and controlled dosing and hygienic application of the serum and in the closed position protects the product from inadvertent use. A clicking sound confirms that the dispenser is safely opened and closed every time. Airless technology helps to preserve the natural ingredients to enable the product to remain fully effective throughout usage.

“The Berry Twist-Up container is a high-quality container with excellent functionality, which makes it the perfect choice for our new advanced serum,” comments Dr Kurt Wolff.

“It has exactly met our requirements and we have been delighted with the high level of service from the Berry Velky Meder team.”

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