Berry Global is introducing its next generation of innovation with a range of packaging and product solutions, the Berry Global B Circular Range, that leverages the company’s engineering expertise and proprietary processes in the design for circularity to reduce products’ impact on the environment, focused on helping brand owners meet and exceed their sustainability goals.

Recognising the growing importance of action to support brand sustainability objectives, Berry Global has decided to take on even the toughest personal care customer packaging challenges utilising its global scale to access circular resins, worldwide capabilities and growing investments in infrastructure such as the recently announced Berry Leamington Spa plastic recycling facility. The Berry Global B Circular Range programme will see the ongoing introduction of a range of standard products for the beauty, personal care, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, home care and industrial sectors, all of which feature important sustainability enhancements.

The first collection of the Berry Global B Circular Range of products for personal care applications, which is now being launched, is designed in line with two key rules of the Circular Economy: design out waste and pollution and keep product and material in use. This process includes the incorporation of recycled content; the development of reusable and refillable packs; and the development of mono-material solutions to improved recyclability.

Highlights from the first suite include Boston Round bottles and Flip Top and Tube closures incorporating up to 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic; refillable jars with up to 100% PCR content; a lighter weight mono-material lip care stick and refillable roll-on stick; as well as airless dispensers with lighter weight and mono-material construction, recycled content and refillable capabilities.

Equally important, all sustainability benefits are being introduced while ensuring that each product remains fit for purpose, with the required levels of protection, preservation and convenience for the end-consumer.

In conjunction with the new standard collection, Berry has a long history of working in close partnership with its customers in the development of more sustainable solutions tailored to their precise requirements, utilising its in-depth knowledge and experience, and keeping customers up to date with the latest advances in resin material science, manufacturing, and design for circularity.

“We recognise the importance that companies across all markets attach to sustainability. As an industry leader in helping brand owners, large or small, achieve their sustainability commitments, we are excited to launch the Berry Global B Circular Range to help bring solutions toward a circular economy to market faster,” commented Thierry Bernet, Circular Economy Director, Berry CPI. “Whether seeking a special product solution or establishing a corporate-wide initiative, we will partner with customers to help them towards meeting both short- and long-term sustainability goals.”

For further on how Berry can help you create a plan to achieve your sustainability goals, email