Berry Global has received two more prestigious awards for its Closed-Loop Recycled Paint Container, including winning the recyclable packaging innovation award at at the the 2023 Sustainable Packaging News Awards and the Driving the Circular Economy category at the Packaging Europe Sustainability Awards.

The innovative circularity project, developed in collaboration with specialist company Paint360, has now received five separate awards for its ability to combine paint and packaging recovery with recycling.

“We are delighted to see our paint container solution so widely recognised for its pioneering approach,” said Jamie Riley, Divisional Sustainability Manager for Berry. “The environmental impact of the project is significant – we are able to reduce the overall impact of both the paint and its packaging through the reduction of waste product sent to landfill and the carbon emissions associated with incineration.”

Recycling paint containers after use can be difficult due to the challenge of removing enough of the residue paint from the containers to make them suitable for recycling. The Berry solution enables the waste paint to be removed and re-engineered into new paint by Paint360, leaving the empty paint containers ready to be recycled back into new containers.

The project helps paint companies meet customer demands for more sustainable paint packaging while creating opportunities for consumers to sustainably dispose of both their waste paint and used paint containers.

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