A robust and reliable plastic storage container designed and manufactured by Berry is providing a high-quality loyalty gift for customers of a leading French pet food brand that preserves the taste and quality of the products it contains, while also offering important reusable benefits.

The Berry Hobbock pail has been selected once again by Wisium France, a producer of pet food pellets for cats and dogs including the premium brand EVERLAND. The Hobbock acts as both a loyalty reward and a promotional item for returning customers and at the same time offers a high quality and very practical solution for storing and protecting the product.

Significantly, the reusable container, which can be regularly refilled with product, meets circular economy design principles and its mono material polypropylene construction makes it perfectly suitable for recycling.

In addition, the Hobbock pails for EVERLAND are produced using Berry’s advanced In-Mould Label technique. This produces high impact decoration with impeccable image quality that strongly supports and promotes the EVERLAND brand, ensuring pet food owners are repeatedly in visual contact with the name.

EVERLAND pellets are sold in bags and the size of the Hobbock container matches the required storage space as it easily holds the pellets from a 15kg bag.

As well as delivering the convenience of easy storing and serving, the durable design and construction of the Hobbock container means that it offers consumers long-term benefits, serving its purpose year after year. Equally important, the pail is 100 percent airtight, with a close-fitting lid that is simple to remove and replace, and this preserves the quality and taste of the pellets. Hobbock is available in many sizes from 17.5 to 42 litres.

"The Berry Hobbock pail is of great quality and very practical for storing and protecting the product,” confirms Elisabeth Thomas, Production Manager at Wisium France, adding that the promotional gift has been a success and that the collaboration with Berry is solid and excellent, with this most recent order based on Wisium France’s positive prior experience with similar storage pails.

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