New PCR overcap expands Bmore Circular Solutions for homecare, automotive, and industrial markets.

To support customers in achieving their sustainability goals with recycled content, Berry Global Group, Inc. has recently introduced a new recycled plastic stock option as a part of its Bmore Circular Solutions– a spray through overcap made with 50% recycled content.

Demand for recycled content in packaging is growing, fueled by environmentally conscious consumers across markets. According to a consumer survey by McKinsey & Company, 60-70% of consumers said they would pay more for sustainable packaging. Among homecare consumers specifically, 18% consider packaging made with recycled content an important factor influencing their purchasing decisions, according to results from a separate survey by Mintel. This influence is higher across the Millennial generation, with 20% stating that packaging made with recycled content is an important factor they consider when purchasing homecare products.

“As demand for post-consumer resin (PCR) in packaging grows, we continue to prioritize recycled content in our innovation and investment strategies across our product lines. The drive toward sustainability is critical in helping our customers meet their goals and for us to meet our own,” Jonathan Reitman, VP Product Line Management for Berry Global said. “The spray through overcap stock option fits 211/65mm necked-in aerosol cans and serves a range of markets, including homecare, automotive, and industrial. With its pre-inserted button feature, this spray through overcap is ready to apply from the factory, offering convenience benefits to Berry customers, and simplifying the end-user experience.”

Berry offers a range of sizes and styles in its complete PCR stock caps and closures portfolio, including seven overcaps that support various container styles. All PCR stock caps and closures are made from curbside collected material.

Testing and Qualification
With the support of product development and engineering experts, Bmore Circular Solutions incorporating recycled plastic undergo rigorous testing to ensure materials meet the same high-quality requirements as virgin resin. Evaluating the recycled content impact on each product’s fit, form and functionality, Berry experts employ the same testing processes used to qualify the virgin resin variations of each product to deliver the highest quality brand experience for customers.

Unique Access with a Long-term Vision
Leveraging its global size and scale to secure leading access to plastic waste and innovative recycling technologies, Berry delivers high quality circular polymers tailored to customers’ unique needs. The company has announced securing over 600 million pounds of recycled plastic per year by the year 2025. Through recycling advancements and the use of responsibly sourced renewable bioplastics, Berry’s long-term vision is to decouple packaging solutions from fossil fuels that make virgin plastic in the future.

Berry’s commitment to offering sustainable packaging solutions far exceeds its Bmore Circular Solutions recycled plastic stock caps and closures portfolio. As part of the company-wide sustainability strategy, Berry leverages the benefits of plastics to lightweight products and decrease greenhouse gas emissions, while also emphasizing recyclability and the use of recycled content, as is resonated in the company’s commitment for 30% circular plastics use by 2030.

Contact Berry Global today to learn more about its recycled content capabilities and how the company is working with CPG brands across the globe to achieve sustainable packaging goals.