Twist-top pickle jars enhance user experience while maintaining garden-fresh look and taste.

Global packaging leader, Berry Global Group, Inc., partnered with Grillo’s Pickles to deliver spill-proof, easy-open jars for its garden-fresh pickles. The custom, nestable, widely recyclable polypropylene (PP) jar and continuous thread closure provides a simple, mess-free opening process.

“We initiated a custom jar exploration with Berry Global to address our biggest consumer complaint, spillage when opening our original jar,” said Adam Kaufman, President and CEO of Grillo’s Pickles. “We knew when we updated our packaging, we wanted it to be a step-change for the business. We wanted the quality of our packaging to match the quality of our product. We are confident we’ve achieved that result.”

The custom jars were designed for compatibility with Berry’s line of ribbed closures to help prevent leakage during opening and closing. The jars also include pickle-shaped side grips for enhanced user control and clear, in-mold labels to maintain Grillo’s home-made aesthetic. This helps simplify the filling line process by eliminating the need for label application.

Similar to the previous containers produced by Berry, these 32-ounce, twist-top jars improve the recyclability of traditional pickle jars typically made of glass. The jars are also nestable, minimizing wasted space during transportation and storage and helping optimize supply chain efficiency.

The jars were designed for Grillo’s in collaboration with Blue Clover Studios, Berry’s internal design studio, following an art-to-part ideation workshop at Berry’s headquarters in Evansville, Indiana. And the jars and closures are produced at Berry’s plants in Streetsboro, Ohio and Evansville, Indiana. 

“We are committed to delivering cutting-edge packaging solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers,” said Jeff Hill, Sr. Account Executive for Berry’s Consumer Packaging North America division. “By combining our deep innovation expertise with valuable customer insights and trust, strong partnerships like these allow us to design products that elevate the consumer experience while supporting a circular economy.”

“By partnering with our customers from concept exploration to final product, Blue Clover helps streamline the collaborative process, resulting in elevated brand and consumer experiences and faster speed-to-market,” said Scott Fisher, Design Director for Blue Cover Studios.

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