October 21, 2008 Franklin, MA - Berry Plastics Tapes and Coatings Division announces the next generation of green structural sheathing. Drawing on decades of experience manufacturing eco-friendly building products, Berry introduces Thermoply® Total Structural Sheathing. Combining three of the most important features that builders seek in a sheathing product – structural strength, advanced moisture management and environmental friendliness, Berry’s innovative new wall panel has immediately been termed “the efficient alternative” by industry professionals.

Thermoply® Total was designed to reduce installation time by eliminating the need for a secondary weatherization layer. Thanks to engineering based on field research and building science, the new material blends a patented Breathe Dry™ technology with a unique non-directional drainage plane to create a single, one-step alternative to other types of sheathing that require housewraps. Because the need for housewrap is eliminated, installation time can be reduced and the cost for housewrap is erased from the project.

Thermoply® Total Structural Sheathing, is an innovative green building product. The wall panels are made from fibers containing 100 percent recycled content and are 99 percent recyclable, manufactured without toxic compounds. Using Thermoply® sheathing on an average 2,500 square foot house will save about six trees. Unlike other sheathing materials, it also does not contain asphalts, formaldehydes or phenols that can have negative health effects.

In addition to its green advantages in the building process, Thermoply® also reduces heating and cooling costs by reducing air infiltration which can contribute to more than 50 percent of a house’s energy loss.

“We are pleased to introduce such a unique and energy efficient product. Thermoply® is the result of witnessing the architectural and engineering challenges of effective sheathing; and, offering builders a simple solution,” says Mr. Ben Cross, Director of Business Development for Berry Plastics Tapes and Coatings Division.

“In addition to Thermoply® Total’s ability to provide long term protection, it can contribute to LEED point accumulation for Materials and Resources and Indoor Environmental Quality,” adds Mr. Cross.

Thermoply® has been evaluated by the ICC-ES (See ESR 1122) as an alternative to Method 3 and also is an approved component in a one-hour firewall assembly. Additionally, it is evaluated as a Water Resistive Barrier (see ICBO 1439).

For more information, please contact Bill Pugh, Berry Plastics Tapes and Coatings Division, 1.970.984.2862, or billpugh@berryplastics.com.

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