October 23, 2008, Franklin, MA - Berry Plastics, Tapes and Coatings Division is pleased to announce an innovative new product, Barricade® Dry StepTM - a synthetic roofing underlayment... with a twist. The twist comes in the form of exposed, twisted fibers on the walking surface of the material that increases traction for an added layer of safety against slips and falls.

Barricade® Dry StepTM is a premium roofing underlayment made from a reinforced polyolefin scrim laminate coated with a proprietary resin blend. Barricade® Dry StepTM was designed for builders and roofers who want a lighter, safer, stronger and quicker way to install underlayment when compared to traditional fifteen and thirty pound felt paper. "The performance benefits of Barricade® Dry StepTM make felt irrelevant" says Tom Erwin, Product Development, Berry Plastics Group. "Barricade® Dry StepTM rolls out flat, stays flat, is tough enough to withstand ‘blow-offs' and one roll will cover up to ten squares at a fraction of the weight of a smaller, felt roll" he added. One roll of Barricade® Dry StepTM offers more than twice as much coverage as a 3'x144' roll of fifteen-pound felt and weighs less than half as much. The ability to cover more roof decking while carrying lighter weight rolls is an idea the roofing industry can appreciate.

Twistrand TechnologyTM is another major benefit engineered into Barricade® Dry StepTM. The exposed, twisted fibers, obvious at the first touch, along with an anti-slip coating offer an added safety measure that roofers can actually feel. "Today's steeper, high slope, residential sites can be dangerous areas to work. Our Twistrand TechnologyTM is another layer of protection that can really pay off in terms of increased safety" Erwin said.

Barricade® Dry StepTM with Twistrand TechnologyTM is packaged in bags and palletized, 38 rolls/pallet in 4' x 250' rolls.

For more information please contact Tom Erwin, Berry Plastics Tape & Coatings, 1.318.469.6064 or TomErwin@berryplastics.com.

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