Evansville, IN - CLEAR IS THE NEW GREEN with the introduction of Berry Plastics new Pivot™ Clear Cups. Now available to all users nationwide, Pivot™ Clear Cups perfectly highlight specialty cold beverages.

As consumption of niche beverages that are iced, blended, frozen and mixed is on the rise, so is the foodservice demand for high quality, cost effective, single-use clear cups. Berry Plastics can supply this demand with their clear cups made from a proprietary polypropylene blend that offer advantages over other clear cups in the market.

Polypropylene (PP) is quickly becoming the material of choice for disposable packaging vs. PET, RPET and polystyrene (PS). PP is less expensive than PET or RPET and more versatile and durable than PS. Clarified PP cups also have a sustainability advantage over most competing materials. PP has a lower density compared to PET and RPET, which means it requires less PP material to produce an equivalent amount of PET or RPET cups. Less material means less waste.

"The technology used to create Pivot™ Clear Cups provides us with a clear cup line that addresses both sustainability and affordability for all market segments," said Adam Unfried, President - Rigid Open Top Division. "With Pivot™ Clear Cups you get a cost-effective premium cup that's better for your business. The contact clarity of our polypropylene clear cups compliments foodservice innovation because the focus is on our customers' beverages, not on the packaging."

Berry Plastics' clear cups are the latest addition to their thermoformed product line that is designed for foodservice channels. For more information on Pivot™ Clear Cups call 1-800-306-2000 or go to Pivot™ Clear Cups.

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