Evansville, Indiana, January 25, 2010 - Berry Plastics is pleased to announce the introduction of Abeo disposable foodservice products. Abeo is engineered to be the environmental alternative to conventional plastic foodservice products.

The first items launched under the Abeo brand are U plates made with Ingeo biopolymer. Ingeo is an innovative, environmentally friendly renewable raw material made from a plant derivative. In addition, Ingeo requires less upfront fossil fuel in the creation of the resin pellets and emits fewer greenhouse gases during its production as compared to plastic resins.

"Several years ago, we made a commitment to dedicate capital and resources to the development of sustainable products. Abeo represents the first of many new products resulting from that commitment. We are excited to offer our customers and the marketplace an alternative product that truly utilizes renewable resources without sacrificing performance" said Cliff Albert, Director of Sales.

In two convenient sizes, U choice environmental perfect plates for any event or occasion. The elegant fluted design is a stylish serving option that offers strong durability. Abeo plates can also be paired with other Berry Plastics catering products to provide the ideal dining option for any affair.

Berry Plastics Foodservice disposable products are available through foodservice distributors across the United States and Canada. For additional information on Abeo call 812.306.2000.

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Berry Plastics is a leading manufacturer and marketer of plastic packaging products. Berry Plastics is a major producer of a wide range of products, including open top and closed top packaging, polyethylene and PVC based plastic films, industrial tapes, medical specialties, packaging, heat-shrinkable coatings, specialty laminates, and FIBCs. The company's 13,000 plus customers range from large multinational corporations to small local businesses. Based in Evansville, Indiana, the company has 80 manufacturing facilities worldwide and over 16,000 employees.

About NatureWorks
NatureWorks LLC is a company dedicated to meeting the world's needs today without compromising the earth's ability to meet the needs of tomorrow. NatureWorks LLC is the first company to offer a family of commercially available low carbon footprint Ingeo™ biopolymers derived from 100 percent annually renewable resources with performance and economics that compete with oil-based plastics and fibers.

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