Franklin, MA  - May 5, 2010 - Berry Plastics is pleased to announce that its Nashua® and Polyken® brand HVAC foil tape products will now be produced with an unbleached disposable release liner. This simple change, which does not affect the manufacturing of the tape, reduces emissions directly related to the manufacturing of the release liners and the emissions from producing the tape resulting in an environmental gain for better air quality. The bleached paper liner that has historically been used in the tape rolls will be discontinued.

The release liner will function as it always has. The only difference will be visual. The color of the disposable liner used within the foil roll will be a naturally occurring brown color instead of the white that is derived from the bleaching of paper pulp. The cores used for the foil tapes will continue to be made from 100% recycled materials.

Findings from the Environmental Defense Fund Paper Task Force demonstrate that there are significant environmental gains to be won by replacing bleached liners with unbleached liners. For example, the change is predicted to reduce annual sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions by the equivalent of eliminating 1,787 18-wheelers per year, reduce greenhouse gases (CO2) equivalent to eliminating160 cars, reduced wastewater consumption equivalent to 42 swimming pools, and reduce wood use by the equivalent of 13,641 trees.

"By making this change to unbleached liners Berry Plastics is able to continue to align the products it manufactures with its commitment to sustainability," says Berry Plastics Director of Business Development Ben Cross.  "Taking steps, even those that may seem small, can make a big difference," he adds.  

For further information on Berry Plastics change to unbleached liners, please contact Ben Cross, Director of Business Development at or by calling 508.918.1683.

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