Franklin, MA - May 9, 2011 - Berry Plastics - Tapes, Bags and Coatings Division, makers of the Marino Technologies, Rafypak, Atlas Bag, and Walpole Bag brands of FIBCs, specializes in short lead times and rigorous adherence to the highest quality standards to meet the toughest client needs. As a leading producer of FIBCs, Berry Plastics continues to deliver the best-in-class products from its North American facility (Atlacomulco, Mexico) for a wide variety of applications and order sizes. The Atlacomulco plant holds a rating of "excellent" from AIB International and ISO 9001:2008 certificates for the production of both the fabric and bags produced at the facility.

For more than 30 years, Berry Plastics has steadily refined and enhanced the integrity of its FIBC lines, including stewardship in new products such as AgriBags™, which offer ideal capacity and sturdy construction for processing efficiencies of grains and other crops; Dust-Tainer™, the first bag to provide an effective, innovative solution to containing and disposing of waste dust, with its exclusive zipper design; and Berry Plastics' timely refurbishing program, with complete lifecycle service processing, whereby FIBCs in good condition can be repaired and refurbished.

"The FIBC industry is experiencing unprecedented pressures, driven by the volatile polypropylene market. Despite the challenges, our company is in the fortunate position of honoring our commitment to our customers by maintaining the quality and on-time delivery of our FIBC products from our wholly-owned manufacturing site.," says Mr. Ernie Giordano of the Berry Plastics Tapes, Bags, and Coatings Division.

"We remain dedicated to producing the best products through a combination of sourcing optimal raw materials, utilization of best practices in production, and world-class customer service. These are the hallmarks of our success, and we will continue these processes that make our brands strong," commented Giordano.

More information is available on our FIBC products webpage. For further information please contact Ernie Giordano at or by calling 508.918.1684.

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