Every Day, A New Way: Collaboration is the New Profit Center

Hosted by Berry Global

July 13, 2021 9:00 am CST

When buyers and sellers collaborate, everybody wins.

Want to learn how buyers and sellers can work together to make collaboration the new profit center? Berry Global partnered with leading packaging industry experts to deliver an interactive, educational virtual panel, “Every Day, a New Way: Collaboration is the New Profit Center.” The panel includes leaders from academia, research, and manufacturing.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The value of collaboration between buyers and sellers in the packaging space
  • Ways to improve profitability through collaboration efforts
  • Benefits and barriers to collaboration, citing real-world examples and results
  • Findings from a recent study by McKinsey & Company and Michigan State University, “Taking Collaboration to the Next Level.” Ready to collaborate?

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Presenter Image
Mary Gregg

Springboard Packaging Solutions

Greater Philadelphia, PA | USA

Presenter Image
Matt Daum

Michigan State Univeristy School of Packaging

Michigan, MI | USA

Presenter Image
Chelsey Quick

VP Clinet Success
Industry Intelligence

Chicago IL | USA

Berry Global Webinar Presenter - Sarah Groves
Sarah Groves

VP Product Management
Berry Global

Indiana, IN | USA

Berry Global Webinar Presenter - Denise Greenwell
Denise Greenwell

Product Director
Berry Global

Indiana, IN | USA