Environmental, Health and Safety Vision & Policy

Safety Vision – An Injury Free Workplace

At Berry, we have an unwavering commitment to leadership and continuous improvement in environmental and safety practices for the benefit of our employees, customers, and the communities worldwide where we conduct business.

Safety Policy

It is the policy of Berry to provide and maintain safe and healthful working conditions and to follow operating practices that result in an improved safety and health environment for our employees.  Safety standards, both internal and external will be strictly observed in all operations.

We hold every Berry Leader accountable for providing a safe working environment, which includes taking reasonable, practical, and timely actions to eliminate hazards and to prevent injuries.  No plant, office, or department will be considered properly managed regardless of its proficiency in other areas unless it maintains a safe work environment.

We hold every employee accountable for following all prescribed safe work practices and procedures.  No job is so urgent and no schedule is so rigid that employees cannot take the time to do their job in a safe manner.

Safety is a condition of employment and must be considered an integral part of every activity in the organization.  Every Berry Leader must embrace the responsibility to achieve organization goals in reducing injuries and illnesses.

Environmental Policy

Berry is committed to minimizing the impact of our production processes and products on the environment. We will accomplish this through the commitment to continuous improvement and by achieving compliance with all environmental regulatory requirements. For further information, please see our separate Environmental Management Policy.



Each employee is expected to actively participate and take ownership of the environmental, health, and safety policy, and its supporting goals and objectives.  Leadership is accountable for implementing this policy and will be visibly committed and actively supportive of this policy.

EHS Vision Always Advancing