Berry Global places a firm focus on creating a positive environmental impact through streamlined operations, continuously engaged partners, and optimized, responsible products. Through our determination to minimize waste and natural resource usage, we believe we can increase both recycling access and recycling rates while improving the quality of life across the globe. We feel that with our help, the world can become a little cleaner.


Impact 2025

In 2019, we were proud to announce our sustainability strategy through our Company initiative named Impact 2025. As part of this initiative, we focused on further increasing the positive impact it has through our products, performance, and partners with a long-term plan for the year of 2025.

The strategy aims to support our broader sustainability efforts by highlighting the following areas:

Products: Minimize product impacts

Optimize Design

  • 100% reusable, recyclable, or compostable packaging by 2025

  • Minimize carbon footprint

  • Lightweight products

Sustainable Materials

  • Increase use of circular plastics

  • 10% recycled content across our packaging by 2025

Performance: Minimize operational impacts

Climate Change

  • Reduce Greenhouse gas emissons 25% by 2025 vs. our 2016 baseline*

  • Promote science-based targets

  • Increase renewable energy Year-on-Year

Continuous Improvement

  • Reduce landfill waste 5% per year*

  • Reduce energy and water consumption 1% per year*

Operation Clean Sweep© (OCS)

  • Prevent resin loss through OCS

  • Implement OCS at aquisition sites within the first year

*Normalized for production

Partners: Engage partners, including employees, suppliers, customers, and communities on key issues


  • Injury Free Workplace (2021 TRIR < 1.00)

  • Increase focus on employee experience, including Diversity and Inclusion

  • Expand training & development opportunities


  • Respect human rights in our policies and supply chains

  • Conduct business ethically

End Plastic Waste Locally & Globally

  • Expand and modernize waste infrastructure to increase recovery and prevent loss of plastic to the environment

  • Engage the plastics industry on Operation Clean Sweep



In 2019, we proudly introduced a number of new products designed for sustainability. In line with our strategy, we are working towards 100% of our fast-moving consumer packaging to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025. In response to this goal, we offer widely recyclable packaging, items with high levels of recycled material, and an abundance of items optimized to be lightweight.

Sustainable Products & Services

Sustainability is an essential design principal in new product development. We are focused on the continued optimization of our product designs to reduce material usage and design with the environment in mind. We collaborate with our customers to provide design alternatives so that we can together increase the utilization of recycled content.


Introducing an advancement in trigger sprayer technology. This new pre-compression, screw on, and sustainable dispensing trigger pump sprayer includes: a modern design with complete customization capabilities, improved ergonomics and made from fully recyclable plastic components.

Trigger Spray Bottle

Green Wrapper Films

Incorporates renewable-source polymer content with industry-leading softness and quietness. Partnered with Braskem to provide packaging made with 60% PE resin made from renewable-source polymer.

Green Wrapper

Sof-Flex® Ultra

Designed with sustainability in mind, with a 25% total material reduction and at a lower cost. A superior performance and comfort product with noticeable softness improvement and quietness with a lower C02 emission.

Sof-Flex Ultra

Entour ™

Designed with sustainability in mind, our lightweight recyclable packaging allows products to stand out on the shelf through advanced form-fill-seal capabilities. While this product offers many advanced features, such as reverse print lamination and moisture and oxygen barriers, its most impressive feature remains its compatibility for the PE recycling stream.


Verdant ™

We continue to push the limits of PCR content through our full line of beauty and personal care packages. Offering bottles, tubes, jars, and closures, our wide array of options couples the latest materials with some of the most innovative technologies. This product allows businesses to maximize their PCR content through a wide range from 10-100%. We encourage our customers to utilize Verdant™, because switching from 100% virgin plastic tubes and caps can help reduce greenhouse gases by 51%.


Betel BioBased Polyethylene Wrap Film

Incorporates renewable-source polymer content with industry-leading softness and quietness. This wrap film consists of 60% Polyethylene derived from renewable-sourced sugarcane enabling up to 2.3 KG C02 eq savings per kg products vs. standard Polyethylene.


FreshView ™

Keeping food fresher longer, we are helping the environment by decreasing food waste. Our full line of bakery bags are made from up to 89% bio-sourced polyethylene, which enables businesses to protect their products in a material made from the earth.

Bantam ™

We proudly achieved the reduction of gram weight to create strong and lightweight cups that can help reduce gas emissions during transit. Designed with sustainability in mind, cups may be paired with a polypropylene lid for a single-stream recycling solution.


Chicopee ® J-Cloth ®

A leader in the foodservice industry for over forty years, the Chicopee® J-Cloth® disposable cloth helps our customers maintain their high standards of hygiene as well as their eco-conscious commitments. Our Biodegradable and Compostable line is produced with 100% natural biodegradable fibers from PEFC certified sources.



The latest in environmentally-responsible packaging, we have successfully developed a recyclable alternative to traditional laminated films to create a 100% PE laminated film. With a remarkable look and feel due to the film’s high gloss, the product’s stiffness and strength allows for a stand up pouch that provides customers with a contemporary packaging solution.

berry2020.070 X-Enviro Laminate

Postal Wine Bottle

We created the first wine bottle made from 100% recycled PET. Revolutionizing the wine retail market, logistics and delivery enter the next phase of e-commerce through durable, lightweight, and environmentally-focused design. Our collaboration with Garçon Wines has led to the creation of a package that has advanced the wine industry with a bottle 87% lighter and 40% smaller than the average wine bottle.



Embracing the outdoors, our Plaswood furniture offers a line of picnic tables for our customers who consider their environmental impact. Our innovation is made from recycled plastic.


Recyclable Trays

After the Quorn™ foods announcement to eliminate more than 297 tons of black plastic packaging from its supply chain which is difficult to recycle, we produced a range of white and opaque recyclable PP trays.


Recycled Content Film Bags

The bags created through our partnership with Songwon Industrial Co Ltd have helped pave the way toward a circular economy. Made from 50% recycled PE, the recycled material used in the bags is sourced from a variety of different waste streams. In addition, all solvents required for inking are recycled continuously in a closed loop recycling process.



Considering their environmental impact in recent years, we provided an ideal solution for chemical companies with safety in mind. Designed for the latest UN and ADR regulations, VARIBOX® ensures an effective and reliable container for chemical distribution.