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Inspiring Brand Loyalty
at 2019’s Private Label
Trade Show

During a time when brand loyalty has become less common in the retail space, the private label market has revitalized consumer allegiance through private label products. Also known as store brands, private label merchandise equips businesses with the opportunity to retain and expand their customer base. In 2018, the private label market grew by 4.4%, which is four times more than the growth of national brands. This resulted in a total $5.5 billion in growth.1

PLMA’s (Private Label Manufacturers Association) 2019 Private Label Trade Show provides businesses with an opportunity to highlight their advancements in private label products during one of the largest industry events for the past thirty years. Exhibiting with more than 1,500 companies from over forty countries, we will showcase our extensive line of trash bags, food wraps, and tapes. We will also feature examples of differentiated products and innovative decoration technologies during the event. Our wide portfolio of containers and pails at the show will include: barrier containers, high pressure process containers, customizable printing and labeling, and unique stock packages. The products revealed at this trade show will substantiate our strategic approach to design that considers connectivity, sustainability, and cost innovation.

Discover how our broad portfolio of products can help create the solutions that provide a distinct advantage within the private label marketplace. Visit us at Booth H517 and Booth F8710 to learn more.

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