Our Capabilities
We are committed to partnering with your company to provide a full range of packaging and protection solutions. From product development to manufacturing and service, our team is on call every step of the way

Injection Molding

Rated as the largest in injection molding for packaging in North America, we have over 47 years of experience and the expertise necessary to provide the highest quality results for large and small scale manufacturing. 


As a trailblazer for deep draw, thermoformed drink cups, we lead the way for innovation.  With some of the largest thermoformers in the world, we are in the top five largest operations in North America according to Plastics News.  We are continuously expanding our expertise to include new, thermoformed products.

Blow Molding

As a long-standing name in the blow molding space, we serve a multitude of markets ranging from healthcare to automotive.  We currently manufacture a range of sizes from some of the smallest to largest bottles.

Laminate Co-extrusion

We are vertically integrated to provide shorter lead times for our laminate tubes.  We have the capabilities to utilize eye-catching graphics to decorate our laminate tubes with multiple, premium-looking options.

Sheet/film extrusion

We are one of the most versatile sheet and film extrusion manufacturers in the industry.  A few of our vast number of end products include retail trash bags, industrial films, packaging films, and medical films.  We extrude a number of different materials and thicknesses to create consistent, high-quality products which serve a multitude of markets. 

Calendering & Coating

Our calendering and coating capabilities have allowed us to become one of the largest manufacturers of tapes in the world.  We manufacture high-quality tapes for a variety of markets, including industrial, aerospace, HVAC, and automotive.  We engineer tapes for the most basic applications to high-end, high-performance use.

Tool Shop

We have an in-house Tool Shop with highly-skilled employees that will work with you to cut down on lead times, reduce costs, and provide superior quality.  Our Tool Shop provides maintenance or rebuilds of existing tools and can design and build new tools. As a company, we are constantly looking to invest in new technologies and by keeping this work in-house, we have the ability to control the risk factor for compromised intellectual property and provide you with the highest quality, cost-effective solution.