Adchem® transfer tapes are engineered to meet the most demanding industrial and consumer applications. With both acrylic and rubber-based adhesive options, Adchem® transfer tapes are ideal for bonding, laminating, and mounting in a broad range of converter and OEM applications.

The Polyken medical transfer tape portfolio includes acrylic and rubber-based adhesives designed for a broad range of surfaces (including patient skin) as well as a full range of wear duration for both short and long-term adhesion. Applications include packaging, mounting and laminating electrical components, medical device assembly and mounting, sensor components, pulse oximetry, and patient monitoring applications.


Permanent and removable transfer tapes from Ludlow are expertly designed for packaging applications as well as for sealing boxes and envelopes, hanging and mounting applications, business forms, hospital forms and more.  Ludlow transfer tapes are designed for optimal processing, clean cuttability, and feature “finger-lift edge” technology for easy liner removal.