Engineered to provide excellent adhesion to many substrates, including urethane foam, cloth, vinyl, cork, paper, and rigid or flexible plastics, Adchem® features an extensive selection of film, foam, and tissue-supported double-coated tapes for a broad range of applications and markets.


Polyken offers an extensive assortment of tissue, foam, and film supported double-coated tapes for the medical industry as well as double-coated cloth and film tapes for conventions, trade show, entertainment, splicing, and more.


M-Tak and T-Tak double-sided tapes from Ludlow are expertly designed for packaging applications as well as for sealing boxes and envelopes, hanging and mounting applications, business forms, hospital forms, shelf talkers, and more.  Ludlow transfer tapes are designed for optimal processing, clean cuttability, and feature “finger-lift edge” technology for easy liner removal.