Tapes & Adhesives
We offer tremendous depth and breadth of experience in bringing pressure sensitive tapes and adhesives to a broad spectrum of applications and markets including industrial, building and construction, abatement, retail, splicing and laminating, surface protection, aerospace, automotive, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, OEM, medical, and more.

We offer a full gamut of adhesive technologies including natural and synthetic rubber, acrylic, silicone, and polyurethane. In addition, our coating and calendering capabilities are second-to-none allowing us to offer an array of quality products to suit the needs of almost any application.

Duct Tape

Our duct tapes deliver consistent quality for your toughest jobs, letting the user focus on the job at hand. Our duct tape is perfect for a wide range of jobs including maintenance and general repair, bundling, patching, joint sealing, pipe wrapping, media-blast protection, and heavy-duty box sealing. We also offer high performance, code approved duct tapes for HVAC duct sealing.

Foil Tape

We offer a full range, from utility to premium, of foil tapes including code approved and general purpose options for taping joints and seams against moisture and vapor on foil jacketing insulation, flex and rigid duct sealing, waterproofing and repair applications, and more.

DIY Products

Our tape selection for the consumer is extensive with products to fit just about any DIY need, offering superior overall performance, greater longevity once applied, code approvals, and superior sealant compatibility.

Spray Adhesives & Other

Our high performance spray adhesives are excellent for label applications and ideal for bonding carpet, paper, cardboard, fabric, urethane foam, foil to metal, wood, and a variety of other substrates.

Masking Tapes

Our masking tape for the indoor and outdoor construction and painting is ideal for minor masking applications, light bundling, packaging and labeling.

Plumbing & Electrical Tapes

Our plumbing and electrical tapes are well suited for sealing pipes, electrical wires, and hoses as well as bundling, covering sharp edges, and protecting against rust and corrosion. Users also find our tapes work well for general purpose waterproofing and sealing applications as well as color coding wires, pipes, and cables.

Double-sided Tapes

Polyken® Engineered Tape Products offers extensive double-sided tape construction technology with a broad selection of carriers including cloth and film materials as well as performance adhesive options including rubbers, solvent acrylics, and water-based acrylics. Used in a wide array of industries and applications including carpet installation, mounting, laminating, packaging, splicing, and general bonding, we are an expert in double-sided tape technology.

Wire Harness Tapes

Our wire harness tapes are perfect for wrapping and protecting wire harness assemblies in automotive, marine, recreational vehicle, and appliance applications. Also used for convolute splicing, permanent bonding applications, and waterproofing, our wire harness tapes features excellent conformability, resistance from twisting or curling, high adhesion and moisture resistance.

Cargo Pit Tapes

We are an expert in tape technologies for the aerospace industry. Our cargo pit tapes are designed for seam sealing and repair of cargo compartment liners as well as covering pins/rivets where high adhesion and flame resistance is critical. We offer several high performance solutions that meet flammability and performance requirements of the FAA and major aircraft OEMs.

Woven Tapes

Polyken woven tapes for medical OEMs and converters offer strength, flexibility, and ease of use for wound covering, surgical drape, and medical device attachment applications.

Non Woven Tapes

Used primarily in the medical industry by OEMs and converters, our Polyken non-woven tape technologies offer flexibility and breathability for wound covering, surgical drape, ostomy, and medical device attachment applications

Flashing Tapes

Our premium butyl-rubber based flashing tapes are designed for the unique application needs of flashing windows and door installations, corner board abutments, sidewall sheathing seams, and deck-to-wall joints. They are suitable for sealing other detail areas against air and water penetration and provide an excellent bond to a variety of building materials including plywood, OSB, housewrap, concrete, and most metals.

Film Tapes

With an extensive assortment of polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, and polyurethane film tapes, we are your go-to source for film tapes used in abatement, construction, maintenance, surface protection, splicing, repair, masking, and more.

Foam Tapes

Single and double-coated foam tapes from Polyken are used extensively in the medical industry for electrode assembly and attachment. Featuring medical-grade adhesives, Polyken foam tapes are engineered for optimal performance, ease of use, and patient comfort.

Transfer Tapes

We offer high performance rubber and acrylic-based transfer tapes used in a wide array of industries and applications including mounting, laminating, packaging, splicing, and general bonding.

Preservation & Sealing Tapes

A critical application for the marine and recreational vehicle industry, we offer utility, multi-purpose, and high performance film tape solutions for sealing, patching, and securing shrink film materials during storage and transportation of boats, RVs, automobiles, and more.

Surface Protection Tapes

Designed to resist chemicals, solvents, UV, abrasion, Patco® surface protection tapes serve as a protective mask for virtually any indoor or outdoor surface. With both permanent and temporary application solutions, Patco is your expert source for surface protection tapes in a variety of industries.

Moisture Barrier Tapes

Our high performance Patco moisture barrier tapes feature tough, durable polyurethane films and polyurethane or acrylic adhesives for aircraft water seal applications in main cabin wet areas to prevent and protect against corrosion.

Clean Room Tapes

Clean Rooms offer unique application challenges requiring high performance adhesive solutions. Patco Clean Room tapes are engineered for these environments and are supplied on splinter and dust-free plastic cores to ensure minimal contamination.

Color Coding & Labeling Tapes

Patco Performance Engineered Tapes offers a wide array of both permanent and temporary film tapes in bright, vivid colors that accept ink for easy identification of materials and surfaces.

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