Specialty Nonwoven Materials
Specialty Nonwoven Materials
We have vast expertise in the research, development and manufacturing of specialty materials for diverse applications. Our nonwoven fabric solutions are produced on unique and world-leading technology. Through partnership and innovation we deliver value and differentiation for our customers.
From economic leadership to next-generation performance, we are confident we can supply a nonwoven material solution to exceed your expectations.

Spunbond Polypropylene

Our polypropylene spunbond nonwovens offer excellent uniformity at high-strength in all directions. We offer a wide range of styles with options for finishing treatments to suit an array of applications and end-user needs.

Spunbond Bicomponent

We offer unique bicomponent (BICO) nonwovens that combine the properties of two polymers within one web to deliver unique softness and overall performance. Due to our continuous filament spunbond process, we are leaders in the field producing strong, durable bicomponent fabrics for demanding applications.

Spunbond Polyester

Our spunbond polyester is used in numerous demanding applications where the inert properties of polyester are needed. With options on weights, our polyester solutions are the first choice for superior strength, stiffness, purity, and uniformity.


Our meltblown nonwovens are formed from fibers that are smaller in denier than those found in other nonwovens or textiles. A smooth surface texture and round cross-section provide a high surface area for excellent insulation, softness, and filtration characteristics. Custom-laminated meltblown composites can also be manufactured to exacting specifications.


We offer SMS nonwovens that are created using the best of spunbond and meltblown technologies. These strong fabrics have attributes that make them prevalent in healthcare and hygiene applications where only the highest standards will do.


Our carded nonwovens are characterized by high flexibility in the selection of fibers, bonding technologies, and process conditions. This allows our highly skilled teams to develop custom carded fabrics to meet your specific application requirements. Technologies Include: Spun lace, Adhesive Bond,Thermal Bond, Needlepunch, Through-air Bond.

Nonwoven Composites

Various nonwoven and film technologies are combined and engineered to achieve a variety of technical attributes.