We produce a variety of both branded and private label trash bags for the retail market. Our capabilities include the production of all trash bag sizes and closure types, as well as special product features including stretch technologies, trusted drawstrings, unscented odor control, colored bags, and scented bags.

Color Scents®


Color Scents trash bags offer strength, style, and savings in every bag. With an assortment of 4, 8, and 13 capacities and a wide range of pleasing scents, Colors Scents trash bags are perfectly sized for your bathroom, office, or kitchen trash containers.

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Good n' Tuff®


Good'n Tuff delivers an assortment of indoor and outdoor trash bags in 13, 26, 33, and 39-gallon sizes with quality and value in every box.

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Good Sense is the national brand with everyday value pricing. Easy to use flap-tie handles and drawstring closures are available in: 8, 13, 30, 33, and 39-gallon sizes. Good Sense is recognized by consumers for its quality and value.

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Handi-Bag super value packs offer six varieties of multi-purpose trash bags. Sizes range from 8-gallon wastebasket bags to 39-gallon lawn bags. With easy to use flap-tie and drawstring closures, Handi-bag trash bags are ideal for your office, home, and outdoor needs.

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The Iron-Hold brand features an assortment of household and contactor trash bags. Iron-Hold products can be found in many hardware and retail locations.

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The Ruffies brand offers consumers value trash bag solutions for all their indoor and outdoor needs. The offering includes tall kitchen, large trash, lawn and leaf, and sort and recycling bags.

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Ruffies Pro®


Ruffles Pro provides consumers with a variety of sizes, closures, and special features for their indoor and outdoor trash bag needs. In the kitchen, garage, shop, and yard, Ruffles Pro trash bags are your go-to tool for fast and easy cleanup.

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Sure-Tuff indoor and outdoor trash bags provide solutions to your household trash bag needs in 8, 13, 26, 33, and 39-gallon sizes. For home and community recycling, Sure-Tuff has both clear and blue recycling bags in 13 and 30-gallon sizes.

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Valu Sak®


Trash can liners fit up to 42-gallon receptacle bins in kitchens, garages, offices, and more. The twist and tie closure enables quick and easy disposal.

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