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At Berry, we have a broad product line of can liners, infectious waste hospital bags, and food bags. We are a leader in new product innovation and are committed to providing superior service levels with our experienced national, regional, and local sales teams.

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Big City®


Choose Big City, when you need an all-purpose liner. These Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) liners are excellent for paper, general refuse and heavy or sharp objects. Available in a wide range of sizes and extra-heavy-duty gauges up to 2.7 mil. Big City black liners one mil gauge and above, contain 10% post-consumer resin - which makes them an excellent environmental choice.

Big City® Blue for Recycling Liner


It's easy to do your part with our new Big City Blue for recycling liner. Its blue color makes for recognizable recyclables - its translucency allows for easy sorting of materials like cans, bottles, plastics, paper, etc. Save time during clean-up by using black liners for trash you don't want to see and Big City Blue for recycling.



Brahma brings the strength of a high-density bag and the flexibility (stretch) of a linear bag. This liner is a great choice for source reduction. Available in a range of sizes and gauges in a convenient coreless roll with a star bottom seal. Use when you need a bit of stretch.


EarthSense Commercial

EarthSense Commercial liners are certified by SCS Global Services to contain recycled content, both pre-consumer and post-consumer resins. These liners may help to qualify for LEED® points. Use for everyday applications, including disposal of sharp, heavy, and irregular waste.




PG6 is our cost-effective can liner for everyday performance. Made from primarily reprocessed materials, PG6 provides good puncture and tear resistance. PG6 is available in many sizes and in gauges from 1 to 2 mil.


4373_Big City Blue Roll

Made from High-Density Polyethelene (HDPE), Rhino-X is a brand professionals can trust. Thinner, stronger HDPE films used to make Rhino-X liners means less plastic waste. Use wherever there is heavy, non-sharp waste. Available in a full range of sizes and gauges.

Rhino-X® PCW

4373_Big City Blue Roll

Our Rhino-X PCW High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) can liners contain a minimum of 10 percent post-consumer recycled resin, which meets EPA guidelines for post consumer recycled content. These liners are available in the industry's most common sizes. In addition to the outstanding performance, superior strength and load capacity available in the standard Rhino-X, the new Rhino-X PCW can also help support your sustainable initiatives.



Use Steel-Flex when maximum puncture and tear resistance are needed. Made with our best proprietary blend of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), these liners work well in a variety of applications, and can stand up to heavy, sharp or irregular waste. The star bottom seal prevents leaks. Steel-Flex is available in a wide range of sizes and gauges.

Sure Sak®


Ultra-strong Sure Sak liners are ready for your toughest waste containment challenges, delivering superior performance in a wide range of demanding industrial applications. Made from premium LLDPE resins, these silver coreless roll liners are available in heavy duty gauges from 1.5 to 1.7 mil.


Top Draw®


Top Draw offers easy on, easy off convenience for enhanced efficiency and premium performance. Made from premium LLDPE resins, these draw tape coreless roll interleaf liners are available in multiple colors and thicknesses from 0.8 mil to 1.4 mil.


Wing Tie Contractor Bags®


Our Wing Tie Contractor Bags are designed for the work site. Strong three mil liners that effectively contain heavy or sharp waste. The Wing Tie makes a full bag easier to tie and carry. Simply tie the wings together for a secure, ready-made handle. The flat seal means no sacrifice in bag length, when compared to a star or gusset seal liner. Available in 42 and 55 gallon sizes, these convenient interleaf, black coreless rolls dispense right from the box.


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