We produce an extensive line of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) to meet both large and small volume requirements. Our bags are manufactured from FDA approved materials in a durable woven polypropylene construction with custom features designed to meet every application. Our industry leading brands include Marino Technologies, Rafypak, Walpole Bag, and Atlas Bag.

Minerals & Mining

FIBC minerals mining

From mined powders to mined aggregate or heavy stone, FIBCs are customized to meet a wide spectrum of weights to help you reach the required safe working loads.



Used for a wide array of agriculturally harvested crops such as grain, seed, beans, rice, corn, flour, and peanuts. Our custom bags are designed specifically for the type of bulk packaging required.



Our bags are built with safety in mind for the shipping of standard dry chemical products, UN-certified products, and 6:1 hazardous material handling.

Food Production


Our food grade bulk containers, ideal for sugar, coffee, salt, seasonings, starches, and other dry packaged food products, support the highest standards of quality.

Plastics & Resins


FIBC bags support bulk shipments of standard plastics resin products, plastics additives, and colorant pellets of all kinds.



Our uniquely designed bulk packaging for products and components adheres to the high standards of quality and safety required by the pharmaceutical industry.

Construction Materials
& Clean Up


These designs deliver building materials to construction sites and can help cart away refuse at the end of a project.

Landscaping, Sand,
& Soils


Ranging from simple to complex designs, our bags can be utilized for anything from landscaper's mulch to the shipment of sands and soils.