Foodservice employees and consumers are wearing masks for hours at a time, which can cause irritation behind the ears. We have a solution. We are now offering a plastic ear saver clip that helps pull the mask's elastic away from your ears. It's adjustable, so you can position the elastic in a way that makes the mask fit better and be more comfortable.
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Features & Benefits

• Hooks allow for use with any size mask to help improve the fit.
• Helps remove pressure from ears, providing more comfort for long-term wear.
• Fits over or under ponytail, so you can maintain your individual style.

How to Wear

• Prior to putting on the mask, wrap one of the mask's elastic bands around the plastic clip.
• Put on the mask using two hands. Use one hand to hold the plastic clip and the other to hold the opposite elastic band.
• Adjust over or under ponytail if applicable.
• Secure the opposite elastic band to the clip.
Product Description: Part Number: ES2X635PP01W, JDE No. 1784735, Color: White, Case Count: 500, Case Weight: 3.5 lbs, Case Cube: 0.79 ft³, Skid Config: 9 x 5 

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