Laminate Tube Options

Line 10 Hand Lotion

Registered Embossing

Enhance the look and tactile experience of your packaging with embossing or debossing. Our patented technology prints in registration with the printed word, logo, or image. The water droplets and the B on this tube illustrate the texture that can be added.

Soft Touch

Add a luxurious feel that is both durable and scuff-resistant. This premium touch differentiates your product in look and feel. The soft touch varnish prints in-line with flexo, rotary screen, and cold foil.

Flexographic Printing

Choose photographic-quality printing in the flat for exquisitely detailed, highly consistent graphics. Capabilities include up to 12 flexo colors, PMS specific spot colors, and high definition screen resolution. Inks are protected by full or spot varnish to ensure durability. Invisible eye marks prevent interruption of your graphics.


PCR Bottle

Digimarc® Tube

The Digimarc Barcode® is a proprietary method for imperceptibly enhancing packaging with the artwork itself essentially becoming the barcode. Engage your customers by providing direct access to brand-generated content, regardless of whether the product is purchased in-store or online. Shoppers can gain access to brand-generated content via their mobile devices, and store associates can get up-to-date inventory information. Digimarc® makes detection with retail handheld and fixed scanners easier and faster by allowing scans of the package from any angle.

Hot Stamp and Cold Foil

Add some shine with hot stamp or cold foil decorating. Available in a wide choice of foils, this technique can be combined with other decorating processes to create a brilliant package.
360° Deco

Give an uninterrupted view of your brand. Our seamless decoration technology allows you to capitalize on the entire tube surface with no obvious breaks in graphics or print. Full printable area eliminates the need for custom-colored substrate.
Photochromic Inks

Shine the light on your brand with photochromic inks. These inks react to UV light and sunlight--in the UV light, the inks appear--turn off the light, or take out of the sun and inks disappear. This special effect is ideal for driving consumer interaction with your brand and can also be used for anti-counterfeiting.

Extruded Tube Options


Dry Offset Gloss and Matte

Dry offset printing process provides the most efficient method for high speed, large volume printing of multi-colored line copy, half-tones and full process art on preformed plastic parts. Our high gloss finish brightens dry offset decoration to lend vibrancy to your brand. Dry offset printing on matte finish exudes a natural texture to convey purity and simplicity.
silk screen tube

Silk Screen

Silk Screen printing provides a great solution for decorating colored extruded tubes. Due to the density of the inks, we can achieve amazingly vibrant colors that will help your brand stand out on the shelf. Our state-of-the-art equipment provides excellent registration from color to color. Overprinting and cold foil capabilities are also available.