At Berry, we are always advancing to build a sustainable future. We offer a comprehensive line of sustainable packaging options for both laminate and extruded tubes and tube closures.

APR Recognized

Tubes are an emerging packaging type in the recycling stream. We performed the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) Critical Guidance testing to validate the recyclability of our tubes with HDPE bottles. While this does not guarantee acceptance of tubes in individual recycling programs, this is an important step for fostering tube recycling.



A fully recyclable, single-substrate tube with HDPE flip top cap

The fully recyclable tube package you want has arrived. Our new Divinity HDPE flip top cap and polyethylene tube create a single-substrate package that can be easily recycled. Berry is the only tube manufacturer that offers an HDPE flip top closure for tubes.

  • HDPE closure pairs with PE tube
  • Easy to recycle—no need for consumer to remove the cap before recycling
  • Same performance and consumer benefits of a multi-material tube



Polyethylene Tube

  • Recognized by APR
  • Available in laminate or extruded
  • Premium deco options, including: 360 decoration, flexographic, and silk screen printing


  • Currently available for 2" diameter tubes
  • Compatible with laminate or extruded
  • Available in white, natural, or colored substrate
  • Meets stringent performance testing
  • Production available in 2021


Tubes Containing PCR Content

We continue to push the limits of PCR content in our sustainable laminate and extruded tubes. Our leading-edge processes, coupled with the latest material and product technologies, allow us to maximize PCR content, while maintaining the look, feel, and performance that your customers desire most

Our Verdant line of PCR tubes comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and premium decorating options:

  • Laminate tubes are available with up to 60% PCR content, excluding the cap
  • Extruded tubes are made with up to 25% PCR content, excluding the cap
  • Complementary continuous thread (CT) and flip top closures are available, also with PCR content


Tubes made with Bio-Material

Berry continues to explore new and emerging bio-material plastic options for tubes. Bio-materials are derived from biological sources, typically plants. Our bio-material tubes are made from sugarcane waste and offer a range of environmental benefits including significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, water use and fossil fuel consumption. The bio-material maintains excellent clarity, squeezability, and feel, and can be decorated just like virgin material.

Raw Elements Tube