Plastic cups and lids are an essential component to an excellent dispensed beverage program. A positive beverage experience helps to ensure repeat customer traffic. Did you know that polypropylene cups and lids are widely recyclable? In addition to helping you achieve your sustainability goals, clear cups and lid options can help showcase your specialty drinks on social media.

Whether you need stock, bulk plastic cups, or new custom drink cups, we have the design and manufacturing expertise to provide a quick turnaround. Our broad offering accommodates many product types, such as plastic cups for coffee, plastic cups for wine, and much more. For many items, we offer co-packed boxes. You can easily order plastic cups with lids, or even plastic cups with lids and straws, in a single box. This offers a convenient SKU reduction and back-of-house space savings.



Bantam is a smarter designed cup for your cold dispensed fountain program. Bantam plastic drink cups have not only been lightweighted to use less material, but have also been engineered with rigidity bands for more stability. Made from polypropylene, these plastic cups are widely recyclable, making them a more environmentally-responsible solution that can help promote your sustainability message. These drink cups utilize a streamlined design with additional print area at the base of the cup for more branding and promotional opportunities.




Need a more sustainable hot and cold cup solution? Versalite insulated drink cups help beverages maintain their temperature for a great consumer experience. Enhance your offering with these premium drink cups to encourage drink purchases with delivery and carry-out orders. Versalite cups are known for their high-resolution artwork, comfortable feel, and recyclable polypropylene material. The polypropylene in these cups is more compliant with regulations in municipalities where there are EPS foam restrictions. Attractive stock prints are available along with customized looks to help increase your brand awareness. Ask about our co-packed options for plastic cups with lids in a single case for ease of ordering and distribution.



 Verdant™ rPET Cups

We push the limit of recycled PCR content to help you achieve your sustainability goals. Verdant drink cups are comprised of 25% recycled content from post-consumer water bottles to save resources and help keep product out of landfills. These cups have sleek, sturdy designs to enhance your drive thru and delivery programs. Once the beverage is consumed, Verdant cups can be recycled again to support your closed loop operations.



Clear Drink Cups

These clear plastic cups are widely recyclable and helps consumers enjoy the visual appeal of your fresh, colorful beverages. When your smoothies, sodas, and iced coffees are presented beautifully in clear drink cups, consumers may be more inspired to post pictures of their experience with your branding on social media.



 Souvenir Drink Cups

Ranging from 12 to 64 ounces, this type of plastic drink cup is suitable for everyday use or spectacular promotions with a variety of color and labeling options. The minimum order quantities are low, so you can change your messaging frequently to help keep consumers engaged with a collector movie or sports cup. Consumers often take these plastic cups home and reuse them, which helps you get more brand impressions for your packaging dollars.



 Disposable Drink Cups

Disposable drink cups are perfect for your everyday cold beverage. This plastic cup offers a more premium look and feel when compared to other disposable cups, and dry offset printing creates a beautiful, high-quality decoration. This plastic drinkware is made of widely recyclable polypropylene to help minimize the product's environmental impact and create a positive consumer message for your brand.



Stock Drink Cups

Need plastic drinkware now? These recyclable, pre-printed plastic cups are a great fit for your urgent or small quantity orders. Our engaging drink cup designs are relevant for a wide variety of applications and consumers. Ask about these plastic cups with lids for a complete beverage solution in a single box.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What cold beverage cups does Berry offer?

  • Disposable polypropylene thermoform drink cups are designed to be strong and durable, yet cost-effective.
  • Clear plastic cups are great for cold beverages. Polypropylene thermoform clear cups showcase specialty beverages, while helping to reduce the environmental footprint.
  • Stock cups are decorated and ready to ship. With six options to choose from in a multitude of sizes, there's a cup to fit most applications.
  • Versalite cold cups are insulated to help your drinks maintain their temperature longer. They are polypropylene and therefore widely recyclable.
  • Souvenir drink cups are sturdy and reusable, which is ideal for a take-home cup. Use these cups to extend your brand message directly into the consumer's home.


Q: What types of lids does Berry offer?

  • We offer flat disposable, reusable, strawless, and dome lids in a variety of colors to fit every drink cup.


Q: Are colored cups available?

  • Souvenir drink cups - Yes, standard approved colors are available with a minimum order quantity.
  • Disposable drink cups - No, these cups are only available in white, translucent, and clear (which vary by size).


Q: What decorating options are available?

Our full-service creative team can design and separate your art, as well as provide quality
printing plates to decorate your products with state of the art technology. We will help
you determine the best, most cost-effective decorating option for your needs.

Dry Offset - Ideal for line art, illustrations, and simple images.
Iconic - Indirect flexo print provides photographic quality on white, clear, and colored substrates. This is available for souvenir drink cups.
In-Mold Label - Labeling process enables top-to-bottom decoration with superior photo quality on select souvenir drink cups.
Flexographic - Achieve high resolution graphics through reverse flexographic printing on Versalite™ cups.

Extras for Drink Cup Promotions

  • Digimarc™-barcode of the future
  • Peel-n -Win Labels
  • Ink Jet Coding
  • 2D/QR Codes
  • Color Change Inks

Contact your Creative Services Coordinator for guidance.


Q: What are Berry's new product design capabilities?

Our in-house design team, Blue Clover Studios, brings the future packaging of your brand to life. Our talented team uses inspirational 3D renders and a full service model shop to design plastic packaging for some of the world's leading brands. Visit studioblueclover.com to learn more.

Q: How do I get more information on minimum orders, quotes, and lead times when I'm ready to place an order?

Visit our Contact page, or call new customer sales at 877-662-3779.