Dispensing Closures

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Dispensing closures help the consumer control and cleanly apply the product. We have a broad range catalog of plastic dispensing closures for the food, healthcare, household, and personal care markets. In addition, we are currently accelerating our innovative efforts within this space to offer more sizes and orifice options for dispensing and flip-top closures based on recent consumer demand. We have multiple options in various finishes to complement any bottle type.

We offer disc-top dispensing closures in 24mm diameter in 410 and 415 finishes and 28mm diameter in a 410 finish. We offer 400 finish dispensing closures in 28mm to 53mm sizes, with orifice options from .125” to over 1.0”. This range works effectively for condiments, sauces, dressings, soaps, and tablets. In 410 finish flip-top dispensing closures, we offer 20mm–28mm with orifice options from .0625” to .30”, which are perfect for household cleaners, hand sanitizers, soaps, and hobby paint. In 415 finish flip top dispensing closures, we offer 15mm–28mm with orifice options from .063” to .25”, perfect for soaps, sanitizers, and hobby paints. We also offer specialty disk, oval, and valve dispensing closures. We have multiple options in various finishes to complement any bottle type. We also have a wide range of colors, smooth and ribbed styles, orifice options and specialty designs to help your product stand out from your competition. 

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Tamper-Evident Flip-Top Closure–FlipGuard™


We offer a smooth-sided 33mm 400 finish dispensing closure that has a plug seal (no liner needed) with a deep skirt profile. Providing added security, we include an expanded window for secure adhesion of a neck wrap label. We have two orifice offerings of 0.325” and 0.75” sizes. This closure is ideal for the food condiments, sauces, and dressings segment. This closure also has the ability to add a brand or message on the top of the closure and is available with a custom color to help your brand stand out on the shelf.

Valve Dispensing Closure–Magellan


We are continuously exploring ways to create more clean, controlled dispensing experiences. The Magellan is our leading design today, available in 33-400 finish with smooth sides with a valve subassembly that is designed for a drip free inverted ability for a headstand pack. This product has a competitive weight with an orifice size of 0.30”. This closure is ideal for the food condiments, sauces, and dressings segment.

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Custom Solutions


Custom solutions are also available with our closures. We have multiple teams that can help alter a current stock closure or create a new closure to meet your needs. Contact your Berry representative for more information about our product development, or our in-house design group, Blue Clover Studios.


Total Package Options

We offer a full product line in a wide variety of closures and bottles in stock, and in custom sizes. Our packaging is able to fit various formats in different markets to help our customers achieve their everyday packaging needs.

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