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Child-resistant packaging is a special packaging used to reduce the risk of a child consuming hazardous materials or chemicals. Child-resistant closures are also referred to as child-resistant caps or safety caps. 

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, or the CPSC, mandates this type of packaging and enforces safety regulations for child-resistant packaging. The child-resistant packaging rules are a part of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, or PPPA, in section 16 CFR 1700 20. This states, "Packaging must be designed or constructed to be significantly difficult for children under five years of age to open within a reasonable time, and not difficult for normal adults to use properly."

At Berry, we are a recognized industry leader in two-piece, child-resistant products. We provide a wide range of child-resistant closures in a variety of styles and sizes for the healthcare, nutraceuticals, beauty and personal care, and many other markets. We offer a full range of one-piece and two-piece designs, ranging from 18mm to 110mm in diameter. We also offer bi-injection technology to enhance the functionality and appearance of your closure. With multiple manufacturing sites in North America, we help ensure continuity of supply. 

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One Piece Closures 

We offer a full range of once piece closure designs that can be sold with or without the liner but require a custom bottle. Most are available in a pictorial version, but there are some text tops as well. 

Two Piece Closures 

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All of our two-piece CR closures are sold with a liner and are not available unlined. The closures are fit for various applications and on a wide array of bottles. Most of our two-piece closures are suited for standard bottle finishes, and are available in text, pictorial, and smooth top patterns. 

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Palmsoft™ Closure

At Berry, we go beyond stock closures, designing new insight-driven packaging like PalmSoft™ to meet consumer needs and to provide a premium value by its innovative and distinct look and feel to stand out on the shelf to consumers. Equipped with the knowledge that brand packaging does not end with the package itself, we offer printing and decoration experts to express your brand's high standards of quality and shelf appeal. 

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Custom Solutions

Custom solutions are also available with our closures. We have multiple teams that can support you to alter a current stock closure, or create a new closure to meet your needs. Contact your Berry representative for more information about our product development, or contact our in-house design studio, Blue Clover Studios.

Liners and Inner Seal Information

Liners and inner seals are used with closures to provide an adequate seal, enhance product and package compatibility, and improve package barrier properties. In addition, inner seals can serve as a tamper-evident feature. Lining systems are based on supplier specifications and can be installed in numerous standard or customized closures as part of the manufacturing process. All stock/standard liners can be supplied for specific product compatibility, or sealing requirements. Below are a few critical considerations when looking for a suitable liner material: 

• Container and closure resin to be used: HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, PVC, PET
• Sealing characteristic desired; welded seal, easy entry, clean peel, tamper evident
• Backing materials: pulp, olefin foam, barrier reseal, none (for dispensers)
• Chemical properties of packaged product

Total Package Options 

We offer a full product line in a wide variety of closures and bottles in stock, and in custom sizes. Our packaging is able to fit various formats in different markets to help our customers achieve their everyday packaging needs. 

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