We are a leading manufacturer of caps and closures producing more than 1,000 different styles and configurations for the healthcare, food, spirits and beverage, automotive, household chemical, and personal care markets.

What's New?


Increased Options for Dispensing Solutions


Unintentional Ingestion of Medication Cases Lead to Increased Demand for Child-Resistant Closures


New Child-Resistant Closure Provides Easier Grip for Consumers with Arthritis

PCR Closures


Our new extended line of stock PCR closures allows you to partner with one supplier to help deliver on your sustainability goals. We are utilizing curbside material, which is the most widely available on the market today, to produce this new line of closures. Berry has the most comprehensive portfolio of sizes and styles of stock PCR closures in the industry today.

Child-Resistant Closures


Child-resistant packaging is a special packaging used to reduce the risk of a child consuming hazardous materials or chemicals. Child-resistant closures are also referred to as child-resistant caps or safety caps. These are not only used in medical and healthcare packaging, but also in nutraceuticals, beauty and personal care, beverage, food, household, and cannabis markets.

Dispensing Closures


Dispensing closures are sometimes also known as flip-top closures. We offer a wide range of dispensing closures from 15mm to 70mm in diameter along with a wide variety of options, such as ovals, disk, and tube closures. These closures are mainly used in food and personal care packaging, but they can also be used in nutraceuticals, beverage, and household markets.

Continuous Thread Closures


Continuous thread (CT) closures are categorized by threads that wrap continuously around a given finish, sometimes more than once. CT Closures are also known as screw top, threaded closure, or a twist cap. We offer a wide range of CT closures from 15mm to 120mm in diameter. CT closures are used in all markets such as food, nutraceutical, beauty and personal care, household, industrial, pet care, and cannabis markets.

Tamper-Evident Closures


Tamper-evident closures are positioned mechanically where a seal must be broken in order to open them. For the beverage industry, we have a complete line of tamper-evident closures from 18mm to 48mm that serve both cold and hot fill operations. For spirits, we have a complete array of plastic tamper-evident closures, as well as printing options. We also produce a variety of tamper-evident closures for the food, automotive, and industrial markets.

Cup & Spout Systems


A cup and spout is also known as a drainback system, which is used to assist in the dispensing and use of a product. These closures are mainly used in home care and laundry packaging. As a leader in the laundry care packaging market, Berry offers leak-resistant cups in both lined and linerless variants, which are paired with our improved push-in spouts. Sizes range from 38mm to 72mm.