Our full line of stretch films is available in machine and hand-applied formats. These formats provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for primary packaging and unitization.

Hand Films

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We manufacture a full line of hand stretch wrap products that are designed to meet all applications.
  • Fortitude: Ultra Performance, hybrid hand wrap, lightweight rolls with reinforced edges and oscillating wind
  • WinLock: Ultra Performance, pre-stretch hand film has a balance of film stiffness and tear resistance.  Available with and without cores
  • X-Series: Ultra Performance, pre-stretch hand film, ideal for high volume applications
  • XH: High Performance, cast hand film, quietly and easily unwinds from the roll
  • XB: High Performance, blown hand film, aggressive two-sided
  • ADW: Performance, cast, hand film, high load containment
  • HWX: Performance, blown, hand film, economical and versatile

Machine Films

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We manufacture a full line of 20” and 30” stretch machine film ranging from value-priced films to ultra-high performance films designed to provide savings in productivity and material usage.
  • Stratos: Ultra Performance, cast, machine film, provides exceptional load stability and performance consistency
  • Revolution (R122): Premium Performance, market leading cast machine film in high clarity, high speed unwind, and overall containment
  • RevolutionQ (R122Q): Premium Performance, cast machine film, extremely quietly and easily unwinds from the roll
  • MaxPlusII (MP2): High Performance, cast machine film, outstanding containment with excellent puncture resistance
  • Advantage (ADU): High Performance, cast machine film, versatile film for use in most applications
  • Max: Performance, blown machine film, ideal for heavy loads and construction material loads
  • AlphaOne (A1): Performance, cast machine film, provides high to moderate pre-stretch levels
  • T-Film: Performance, cast machine value film, provides high containment for low pre-stretch levels
  • Performance Plus (PP): Performance, blown, superb puncture resistance for wrapped, bagged products with sharp edges

Specialty Stretch Films

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We’ve taken our expertise and manufacturing capabilities and applied these to the manufacturing of stretch films that are designed for unique and specialized applications.
  • Convenience Hand Film:  Films are available in 3” and 5” widths for bundling, making jobs easier with handle applicators.  Try our 20” convenience film on a 1” disposable extended handle core.
  • HayMax™:  Machine blown film has high puncture resistance and one-side slip, but also has a pre-stretch of 200-275%.  Available in 50 to 120 gauge.
  • OPTX™:  High performance cast machine film is ideal for rugged, heavy-duty, high puncture, or unstable loads such as building materials. With a pre-stretch of 200-250%, it has excellent clarity and no tail in cold, dry, or dusty environments. With exceptional inside cling with outside slip,  product is available in 80 to 150 gauge.
  • Global SafeGuard™ (PM):  An industry leader in paper, pulp, and fluff roll protection, product is available in two unique blends, providing advanced abrasion resistance and maximum in-transit damage protection.  Both blends are available on 3” or 6” cores in gauges from 3.0 mil to 1.5 and below. 
  • Bottle Film:  Specifically designed for the Bottle manufacturing industry, this “soft” film features an outer slip layer and a very light inner cling layer.  Engineered to provide adequate containment without crushing fragile loads, it has a pre-stretch of 200-250%, and is available in 37 gauge.