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Our full line of stretch films is available in machine and hand-applied formats. These formats provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for primary packaging and unitization.

Hand Films


We manufacture a full line of hand stretch wrap products that are designed to meet all applications.

  • HWX: All-purpose hand wrap that provides superior strength and value
  • Revolution:  High-performance cast film
  • Stratos:  Industry leading, ultra-high performance cast film
  • Winwrap:  The “original” high-performance pre-stretch film

Machine Films


We manufacture a full line of 20” and 30” stretch machine film ranging from value-priced films to ultra-high performance films designed to provide savings in productivity and material usage.

  • MP2:  The first industry high performance film
  • T Film: A conventional stretch film
  • Revolution:  Our high performance cast film
  • Stratos:  Industry leading, ultrahigh performance cast film


Specialty Stretch Films

specialty stretch film

We’ve taken our expertise and manufacturing capabilities and applied these to the manufacturing of stretch films that are designed for unique and specialized applications.

  • FilmGard Convenience Film:  Narrow width films, in 2”, 3”, and 5”, for bundling, make jobs convenient and easy with handle applicators.  Or, try our 20” convenience film on a 1” disposable extended handle core.
  • MAX1™:  This multi-layer ultra-high performance blown machine film provides ultimate resistance to puncture and tear. With a great outside slip, it has a pre-stretch of 200-275%, and is available in 50 to 120 gauge.
  • HayMax™:  While Max-1 film has a very low COF making it well-suited for hay bundling, HayMax offers the same advantages such as puncture resistance and one-side slip but has a pre-stretch of 200-275%.  Available in 50 to 120 gauge.
  • OPTX™:  OPTX is a high-performance cast film for machine wrapping rugged, heavy-duty, high puncture, or unstable loads such as building materials. With a pre-stretch of 200-250%, it has excellent clarity and no tail in cold, dry or dusty environments. With exceptional inside cling with outside slip, OPTX is available in 80 to 150 gauge.
  • PaperMax™:  PaperMax is the industry-leader in paper, pulp, and fluff roll protection.  Available in two unique blends - PaperMax and PaperMax HS (high slip).  PaperMax HS offers patented technology for advanced abrasion resistance and maximum in-transit damage protection.  Both are available on 3” or 6” cores, in gauges from 3.0 mil to 1.5 and below.   
  • PET Bottle Film:  Specifically designed for the PET bottle manufacturing industry, this “soft” film features an outer slip layer and a very light inner cling layer.  Engineered to provide adequate containment without crushing fragile loads, it has a pre-stretch of 200-250% and is available in 37 gauge.