Top it with Excellence with Luster

Adding a premium touch to your spirits closures

Luster Family of Decorating Processes

Luster is a family of decoration processes that offers a variety of premium options for spirits closures. These premium decorating processes will elevate your spirit’s brand image by communicating premium and luxury positioning while maintaining the consumer-preferred functionality and feel of polypropylene.

Foil Decoration

Foil decorating enhances the appearance of closures through exacting decoration and superior edge definition resulting in a brilliant presentation.

  • Side and top stamp printing available
  • Custom foils, textures, patterns and special effects can be developed
  • No changes to existing closure storage or handling
  • Compatible with 33mm Upscale and Smooth Wall now
  • More sizes and styles coming soon

Experience and Innovation in the Spirits Industry

We have been supplying custom and stock closures and bottles to the spirits industry for over 40 years. The Luster family of decorating processes is a unique offering that adds eye-catching premium options to our extensive portfolio, allowing you to elevate your brand.

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