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Agriculture & Forestry

Crop Protection

(Agribon, Agryl, Novagryl, Covertan)

For more than three decades, our high-quality Agribon®, Agryl®, and Novagryl™ brand crop covers and mulching products have been proven in the field as ultra-light solutions that protect crops from frosts, underbrush, and plague.

Agribon, Agryl, and Novagryl offer protection against aggressive environmental effects, while preserving soil structure and preventing natural crop damage due to pests.

Covertan Pro™ brands crop cover also offer climate protection, including shielding against harsh weather conditions, such as snow, wind, and heavy rain.

Tree Shelters

TUBEX® brand tree shelters protect young plants from foraging animals. These world-leading solutions are market-leading and trusted by professionals across the forestry, viticulture, landscaping, and fruit industries worldwide.