Sustainability Recognition

External organizations often evaluate our sustainability performance in comparison to our peers, and we voluntarily engage with as many of these organizations as possible to maximize the transparency and accessibility of our performance data.

External Ratings & Recognition

3BL Media 100 Best Corporate Citizens

In 2022, 3BL Media recognized Berry as one of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens. This ranking serves as a benchmark for publicly traded companies in the U.S. working to improve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) transparency as part of their ongoing corporate responsibility commitments, which we define in the scope of our Impact 2025 strategy.

CDP Discloser

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is a not-for-profit that runs a global disclosure system for companies to manage and disclose their environmental impacts and collaborate with members of their supply chain to reduce them. Berry Global has responded to CDP Surveys on an annual basis for the last 12 years, and we scored an A- for both CDP Climate Change and Supplier Engagement and a B for CDP Water Security based on our survey responses in 2022.

EcoVadis Sustainability Rating

EcoVadis awarded Berry a silver medal in 2022, which places Berry in the top 25% of companies evaluated globally. EcoVadis medals recognize companies that have completed the EcoVadis assessment process and demonstrated a relatively strong management system that addresses sustainability criteria, as outlined in the EcoVadis methodology. EcoVadis enables us to measure performance, uncover risks and identify where and how we can improve our overall ESG impact.

ISS ESG Corporate Rating

Berry received a "Prime" environmental, social, and governance (ESG) rating from the Institutional Shareholder Services group of companies (ISS) on October 13, 2022, a rating that identifies Berry as an industry leader by ISS measures. The ISS ESG Corporate Rating evaluates approximately 100 social, environmental, and governance-related indicators specific to each rated entity and integrates comprehensive assessments of both operational impacts and management approaches based on exposure to various sustainability risks across the value chain.

ISS ESG Environmental Social Disclosure Quality Score

The Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (ISS) recognized Berry with an environmental QualityScore of 1 and social QualityScore of 1 on October 1, 2023, the highest ranking from the shareholder services company. The E&S Disclosure QualityScores seek to measure and identify risk in environmental and social areas of concern through thorough analysis of company disclosures.

MSCI ESG Ratings

Berry earned an “A” environmental, social, and governance (ESG) rating from MSCI for its progress managing ESG risks and opportunities, including improvements in Carbon Emissions, Labor Management, and Packaging Material and Waste. MSCI uses a rules-based methodology to rates companies on a scale of AAA, AA (leader) to B, CCC (laggard) according to each company's exposure and resilience to financially relevant ESG risks relative to peers.

Newsweek Americas Most Responsible Companies 2023

Newsweek and global research firm Statista, Inc. ranked Berry 47 out of 500 of the most responsible companies in the United States across fourteen industry subcategories. The ranking takes on a holistic view of corporate responsibility that considers all three pillars of ESG.

Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating

Sustainalytics, a Morningstar company, rated Berry 16.1, a low ESG risk rating, for our 2022 performance. The Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating scores the ESG performance of more than 14,000 companies, from negligible to severe risk. A company’s risk is measured against its industry peers and against the global universe.

USA TODAY Americas Climate Leaders 2023

USA Today and global research firm Statista, Inc., named Berry to the inaugural list of America’s Climate Leaders for 2023. Companies were selected by calculating compound annual reductions in Scope 1+2 emissions intensity from 2019-2021 for U.S. companies with publicly available emissions data and revenue of over $50 million. Other factors that contributed to ranking included tons of CO2 equivalents emitted, total emissions reduction, and participation in the CDP and Science Based Targets initiative.

World Benchmarking Alliance

The World Benchmarking Alliance ranked Berry 50 among 389 industry peers in the 2022 Nature Benchmark. In the containers and packaging sector, Berry ranked second out of 26 industry peers. The Nature Benchmark measures 1,000 companies across 22 industries between two initial research cycles, in 2022 and 2023. Benchmark assessments measure and track corporate performance towards a nature-positive future by measuring how companies are reducing their impact and even regenerating ecosystems. Companies are rated on governance and strategy; ecosystems and biodiversity; and social inclusion and community impact.

How We Perform

Explore our library of current and historic sustainability performance reports, including our Impact Report, UNSDG Alignment Report, GRI Index, and more.

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