We leverage our diverse, global assets like manufacturing and recycling technologies to ensure design and delivery of circular products that achieve the greatest impact for your investment.

Giving Plastic Multiple Lives through Recycling​

As one of the largest specialist plastic recyclers in the UK, we help promote the circularity of plastic products with leading technologies across Europe. With global access to valuable recycled plastic, Berry Circular Polymers can deliver high-quality, sustainable polymers tailored to your unique needs and objectives.

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Diverse Global Assets​

As an industry leader with one of the largest breadths of manufacturing assets, we deliver optimal solutions tailored towards your business' sustainability needs, regardless of manufacturing process. From injection molding and extrusion, to nonwoven processes, and more, we have the extensive manufacturing capabilities to serve multiple markets for any customer of any size.

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Investing In Our Infrastructure​

Manufacturing Facilities

With more than 265 facilities, over 35 product lines, and 65 conversion processes, we have the manufacturing capacity to deliver rigid, flexible, and non-woven products tailored to your unique needs.

Recycling Facilities

We've invested in 6 state-of-the-art recycling facilities to further enhance our access to valuable recycled plastic. As you work to increase circularity or decrease the use of virgin resin, we are expanding our infrastructure to help achieve even the most ambitious sustainability goals.

Innovation Centers

When innovating packaging to achieve your unique circularity goals, our design considerations extend beyond physical packaging solutions. Our team of scientists, engineers, and specialists work in over 40 dedicated facilities across the globe to test material inputs, where your product will be used, how it will be recycled, and the necessary resources and infrastructure to support keeping it in circulation.

Evolving the Impact of Plastic​

We partner across the plastics value chain to continuously refine our capabilities and processes, creating pathways to advance the circularity of your brand. With a focus on achieving your sustainability targets, together we can help keep natural resources in circulation and out of our environment.

Certifications for Responsible Sourcing

With an ever-increasing number of ISCC PLUS certified sites across the globe, we can verify your company meets environmental and social standards. Products produced using certified resins increase transparency and traceability throughout the value chain. Certifying more sites across the globe is a top priority as we drive progress towards circularity.

Innovation with Advanced Recycling

To help achieve your sustainability goals and improve end-of-life recovery for your products, we are leveraging our global resources and deep innovation expertise to provide the latest materials, such as recycled plastic produced from advanced recycling.

Utilize our Infrastructure for Circularity​

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