Plastic Separation

Comprehensive plastic sorting by type and even colour using the latest separation technology.

Purpose Built Wash & Separation Plants Utilising State of the Art Reprocessing

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Berry Circular Polymers operate to industry leading standards when it comes to the fast, efficient and thorough sorting of plastic materials. Utilizing both our own staff’s expert knowledge and experience, together with leading edge technology in the form of our purpose built washing and separation plants, our facilities are capable of separating, cleaning and sorting a huge range of waste plastics.

Once we receive your materials we conduct rigorous testing to identify its best use. From this point we have a range of different processing options that will identify the most effective and efficient use of the material.

With multiple facilities each with advanced capabilities we sort, clean, extrude and re-formulate into new polymer products that can be used in place of oil derived virgin polymers. Every product we produce is carefully matched to an end market either within the Berry Global network or to another manufacturer.  

✔ NIR optical sorting

✔ Ferrous / non-ferrous metal removal

✔ Electrostatic removal of contaminants

✔ Colour sorting

✔ Size reduction

✔ Label removal

✔ Dust and fines removal

✔ Washing

✔ Density separation

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