Superior Plastic Regrinds Tailor Made for Your Requirements

Berry Circular Polymers offer a wide range of consistent, first-class regrinds suitable for injection, blowmoulding & extrusion

Berry Circular Polymers prides itself on providing regrinds of a consistently high quality and standard across the UIK and Europe. Our state of the art facilities include purpose built plastic recycling facilities that include sorting, separation, granulation, washing, drying, contaminant removal and blending.

With state-of-the-art reprocessing facilities, Berry Circular Polymers can turn plastic waste into regrinds tailored to your unique needs and processes for injection, blow moulding ,and extrusion moulding.

Regrinds are available in bulk bags or octabins by request.

Materials Supplied:

We can create regrinds from these plastics:

 PE80  HIPS  Acetal

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