Visqueen Axiom UniSeal

Visqueen Axiom UniSeal is a two component system both supplied in the same tin with an overall product weight of 15.6kg. The first component (Part A) is a bitumen-extended polyurethane fluid (15kg). The second component (Part B) is an accelerator hardener (0.6kg).

Product Information:

  • Gauge / Basis Weight
    15.6 kg
  • Performance Category / Characteristics
    Moisture/Water Resistance
  • Color(s)

Features & Benefits:

  • Agrement certifed - third party accreditation
  • Type A Barrier Membrane (Tanking Membrane) - resistant to ground water in accordance with BS 8102:2009
  • Tough rubber like cure - perfect for detailing irregular profiles and penetrations
  • Multiple applications - ideal for waterproofing blockwork and brickwork masonry substrates
  • Unique curing properties - creates a fillet in just one pass, with no complicated build-ups
  • Barrier properties - radon resistant

Regions Available

  • Europe

Ideal For:

Visqueen Axiom UniSeal is specially formulated for waterproofing below ground structures. It is suitable for complex shapes, irregular profiles and angle fillets. It can be used to seal pipe penetrations and steel stanchions and around steel reinforcement. It can also be used on various surfaces including steel, timber, plywood, bitumen membranes, concrete and masonry.


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