Silotite Sustane

Silotite Sustane is a sustainable silage stretchfilm manufactured using 30% recycled material. The significant proportion of recycled content means Silotite Sustane balewrap contributes to the circular economy. During field trials Silotite Sustane demonstrated a consistently high level of technical performance during application in addition to handling well post-wrapping. Silotite Sustane balewrap is made using recycled polymers that have been developed to manufacture a host of second life products. These recycled polymers are now in widespread use across the construction, waste management and landscape sectors.

Circular Solutions:

Recycled Plastic
Reduced Carbon Footprint*
* Vs. previous generation of Berry product

Product Information:

  • Gauge / Mil
  • Performance Category / Characteristics
    Environmental Resistance, UV Resistance, Moisture/Water Resistance
  • UV Protection
  • Color(s)
  • Length
    1500 mm
  • Width
    750 mm

Features & Benefits:

  • Made with 30% recycled content 
  • Suitable for round and square bales 
  • Comes in a unique grey colour 
  • UV radiation protection for all climates 

Regions Available

  • Europe
  • Oceania


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