Silentio® siliconized wrap film provides superior discreetness and the best user experience with our proprietary Easy-To-Release design. Ideal for feminine care and adult incontinence products, Silentio® provides the user a softer feel compared to standard wrap films.

Circular Solutions:

Reduced Carbon Footprint*
* Vs. previous generation of Berry product

Product Information:

  • Basis Weight Range (gsm)
    Base film weights from 14gsm to 16gsm
  • Softness
    Softer feel compared to standard wrap films
  • Custom color(s)
    Custom colors available

Features & Benefits:

  • Superior tear resistance and high peak performance barrier
  • Lowest noise for enhanced discretion
  • Smooth surface or micro-embossed for cloth-like feel
  • Superior tear resistance
  • Customizable values of release forces
  • Highly resistant against adhesive migration
  • Available for printing with multi-color patterns

Regions Available

  • Europe
  • North America

Ideal For:

Pouch for Feminine Care and Adult Incontinence

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