Polyken 1027 Butyl Liquid Adhesive and Primer - 1027

Product number: 1027

Butyl Brush-on Primer

Product Information:

  • Adhesive Type
  • Gauge / Mil
  • Color(s)
  • Product Construction
    Spray Adhesive/Primer

Features & Benefits:

  • Rubber Based
    • Good UV, moisture, and oxidation resistance
    • Dries to a smooth, uniform finish to provide a superior bonding surface
    • Easy to apply no over-spray

Regions Available

  • North America

Ideal For:

Surface protection for masonry, concrete, OSB, rigid insulation, wood, and metal. Brush or roller priming applications. Promotes adhesion and anchorage prior to installation of window, door and roof flashing. Promotes adhesion and anchorage prior to installation of pipe wrap tapes.


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