Nashua Pro-Grade Code Approved Duct Tape - UL 181B-FX Listed - Pro-Grade Code Approved Duct Tape

Product number: Pro-Grade Code Approved Duct Tape

Pro-Grade Code Approved Duct Tape

Product Information:

  • Adhesive Type
  • Carrier / Support / Facestock
    PE-Coated Cloth
  • Gauge / Mil
    14 mil
  • OEM / Specification Body & Specification
    UL > 181B-FX Listed
  • Operating Temp Range
    40 to 200 °F
  • Performance Category / Characteristics
    Moisture/Water Resistance, Low VOC
  • Color(s)
  • Product Construction
    Single-Coated Tape

Features & Benefits:

  • UL 181B-FX Listed
    • Meets code requirements for sealing flexible air
      ducts and connections
    • Can contribute toward satisfying EA Credit 1
      (Optimize Energy Performance) under LEED®
  • Natural Rubber Adhesive
    • Excellent bond to sheet metal and other surfaces
    • High strength to withstand duct system pressure
    • Resistant to moisture and mold
  • Polyethylene Coated Cloth Backing
    • High strength and durable
    • Conformable to wrap ducts for an effective seal
    • 181B-FX printed for easy inspector identification
  • Low VOC Content
    • Can contribute toward satisfying EQ Credit 4.1 (Low Emitting Materials) under LEED®

Regions Available

  • Global

Ideal For:

Tough, heavy-duty closure system intended for use on UL Listed flexible, non-metallic ducts. Heavy-duty HVAC sealing and repairs. Sheet metal duct repair. Challenging bonding, protecting, bundling, and patching.


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