MAPAC® Processor Film

Berry's MAPAC Processor film is ideal for case ready, modified atmosphere, and centralized packaging applications for fresh meats.

Features & Benefits:

Certifications: FDA and CFIA


Four Unique Gauges

MAPAC films come in 4 gauges designed to meet the needs of today’s package profiles and transportation requirements.

  • MAPAC-L & MAPAC-LE - An economical film for smaller, low-profile, lighter-duty applications
  • MAPAC-M & MAPAC-ME - This film is designed as an all-purpose, multi-range film for the medium-to-heavy duty applications
  • MAPAC-H - A rugged film for the demanding rigors of larger family packs, bone-in products, and overall superior protection
  • MAPAC-X - The ultimate film for the toughest packaging applications including chill freeze

Regions Available

  • North America

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