Laminated Films

Using the latest PE film and barrier technology, our range of laminated films are a mono-material alternative to traditional PET, PE and OPP, and PE laminated films. Our laminated films are perfect for stand-up products, wipes and flow wrap application. Its premium look and feel ensure an excellent appearance in store, and with excellent sealing qualities it is ideal for closures and zippers, delivering extra functionality to consumers. The film’s high gloss finish, tear strength and rigidity make it suitable for , FFS, VFFS, pre-made pouch, quad pack and flow wrap applications, in various consumer and food and beverage market, without the loss of traditional laminate product benefits. Films can be tailored to meet specific requirements such as high gloss, matt or paper touch finishes or improved water and/or oxygen barrier properties. Laminate films are an excellent way to preserve, protect and promote products. However, a traditional laminate construction consists of multiple plastic materials which means they are often unsuitable for recycling. Make the switch to an easier-to-recycle solution today.

Circular Solutions:

Improved recyclability

Features & Benefits:

  • Recyclable where PE film collections exist
  • High gloss finish – promote a premium look and feel
  • High stiffness and strength - perfect for stand-up products
  • Excellent sealing qualities - ideal for closures and zippers
  • Works on existing multi-material lines – no investment in new machinery required

Regions Available

  • Europe

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