BerryHaler Dual Chamber DPI

Product number: BerryHaler

Designed to provide a ready-to-use solution for new inhalation treatments, BerryHaler is a universal inhaler that enables better patient access to combination treatments thanks to its unique dual chambers Puck properties.

Product Information:

  • Alternative Reference
  • Manufacturing Technology
    IM - Injection Moulding
  • Color(s)
    Natural, White, Custom Color
  • Height
    85 mm
  • Length
    31 mm
  • Shape
  • Weight
    72 g
  • Width
    69 mm

Features & Benefits:


  • Non-detachable mouthpiece cover with for a more hygienic application
  • Audible and tactile signal when opening and closing the mouthpiece cover for better user feedback
  • 2 separate chambers containing 30 doses of medication in each chamber 
  • Medication stored in COC Puck 
  • Dose indicator allows patients to accurately monitor medication usage
  • Device dimensions: 85mm x 69mm x 31mm
  • Customizable colours, printing and labelling options
  • Berry proprietary device – patented technology

Regions Available

  • Global

Ideal For:

BerryHaler is a ready-to-use and customisable solution for the fast-to-market introduction of inhalation treatments BerryHaler device is used for treatments to relieve the symptoms of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), asthma and other lung disorders BerryHaler can deliver 2 or 3 combination drugs which each inhalation.

Factory Locations:

Bangalore, India

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