50ml 36 mm Bottle HDPE

Product number: 1601

The 36mm Pharmaceutical bottle range is composed of jars with tamper-evident closures. Compatible with Vistop tamper-evident closures for a complete package solution.

Product Information:

  • Alternative Reference
    36 mm Bottle
  • Manufacturing Technology
    IBM - Injection Blow Moulding
  • Brimful / Flush Fill Volume
    71 ml
  • Capacity / Volume
    50 ml
  • Neck Diameter
    36 mm
  • Neck Finish
    36 mm
  • Neck Type
    Screw Neck
  • Height
    64.1 mm
  • Material
  • Shape
  • Weight
    13.5 g
  • Width
    46 mm

Features & Benefits:

Screw-on pill jars:

  • Range of capacities available 20ml - 250ml
  • Streamlined manufacturing process
  • High sealing performance
  • Tamper-evident by tensile strength
  • Tightness by desiccant holder seal
  • Silica gel* desiccants available: any weight from 0.6 to 3.4g*
  • Tamper-evident breaking point between 80N.cm and 150N.cm
  • Desiccant cartridge in LDPE

Regions Available

  • Global

Ideal For:

Pharmaceutical, Medical, Healthcare

Factory Locations:

Offranville, France

Pair With:

  • Vistop® 36 In addition to its patented TE system, Vistop bring the best in class sealing system thanks to its deep profile plug, all manufactured in clean room.

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