500ml Breeze Oval Bottle HDPE

Product number: 5501 31mm Snap-on

The unique design with finger grips molded into the sides of our oval Breeze line gives your products a dynamic and impactful shelf presence that your competition misses it had. The wide decoration panel allows for a large amount of graphics to customize the pack to truly reflect the uniqueness of your brand and is easy to squeeze for your customers. Available in HDPE, Polypropylene, recycled HDPE, Sugarcane HDPE and more, you have a number of materials available to make the pack truly your own. With a low minimum order quantity and the ability to custom color or add decoration at the MOQ level, this package is perfect for any brand from small to large. The Berry Global B Circular Range are an innovative range of packaging and product solutions that leverages our engineering expertise and proprietary processes in the design for circularity to reduce products’ impact on the environment, focusing on helping brand owners meet and exceed their sustainability goals.

Circular Solutions:

Recycled Plastic

Product Information:

  • Mold ID
  • Brimful / Flush Fill Volume
    536 ml
  • Capacity / Volume
    500 ml
  • Neck Diameter
    31 mm
  • Neck Finish
    31 mm
  • Neck Type
    Snap On
  • Height
    203 mm
  • Length
    48 mm
  • Material
  • Shape
  • Width
    103 mm

Features & Benefits:

  • Low minimum order quantity
  • Widely recyclable depending on material used
  • Recycled content available
  • Bioresin available based on supply availability
  • Custom color at MOQ
  • Decoration available at MOQ 
  • Generous decoration panel
  • Easy to squeeze

Regions Available

  • Global

Ideal For:

Hair Care, Skin Care, Baby Care, Suncare, Pet Care, Laundry, Cleaners and Polishes, Auto Care

Factory Locations:

Winchester, VA | Beccles, UK

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