4250ml Thermic Ultra PP

Product number: 2431

The Thermic Ultra range is ideal for oxygen sensitive food products such as fruit or vegetables to give your products a good shelf life when stored under ambient conditions. The "Thermic Ribs®“ and material structure of then jar have been specifically designed to allow the jars to withstand high temperature processing, even sterilisation. This range is an exciting alternative to glass jars or tin cans which can be run down existing filling lines with minimal changes. They also offer advantages for your distribution chain with lower distribution costs and reduced transit breakages.

Product Information:

  • Manufacturing Technology
    EBM - Extrusion Blow Moulding, COEX - Co-Extrusion
  • Capacity / Volume
    4250 ml
  • Hot Filling
  • Hot Temperatures
    Can withstand hot-fill, pasteurisation and sterilisation processes up to 121°C
  • Neck Diameter
    100 mm
  • Neck Finish
    100 mm
  • Neck Type
    Screw Neck
  • Sealing Type
    Induction Heat Seal
  • Bottom Diameter
    165 mm
  • Cases per Pallet
  • Color(s)
    Clear, Natural, White, Custom Color
  • Height
    256 mm
  • Material
  • Pallet Size
  • Shape
  • Weight
    170 g

Regions Available

  • Europe

Factory Locations:

Berry Global Kutenholz | Berry Global Corby

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