38-400 Digi-Cap Closure

Digi-Cap is a unique Smart Child-Resistant Closure that integrates innovative digital technology to improve medication adherence. Digi-Cap is patent pending.

Product Information:

  • Closure Diameter
    38 mm
  • Closure Sidewall
    Fine Ribbed
  • Closure Top
  • Neck Diameter
    38 mm
  • Neck Finish
    38 mm
  • Neck Thread
  • Neck Type
    Screw Neck
  • Diameter
    38 mm
  • Material
    PE, PP

Features & Benefits:

Packaging Specifications:

  • 2 piece  closure
  • 38 mm neck size
  • SPI-400
  • Unique audible ¨clic¨ feature
  • Pictorial opening instructions on the top surface
  • Floating liner
  • Compatible with Berry Stock items
  • CE and FCC compliant

Technology Features & Specifications:

  • Electronic PCB: Mounted between inner & outer components
  • Long battery life and ability to communicate with a smartphone for remote monitoring
  • Integrated Clock/Calendar: Allows for easy scheduling of medication dosage times
  • Temperature Monitoring: Ensures medication is stored at safe temperatures to maintain effectiveness.
  • Data transfer: Information stored on PCB is transferred to phone or other NFC device when placed nearby.


Regions Available

  • Global

Ideal For:

Berry Digi-Cap digital child-resistant closure is ideal for clinical trials, drug development, research and academic studies. Patient behaviour data is analysed to enhance medicine adherence and gain insights into its effectiveness relative to the prescribed regime.

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